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  • William Bradford

more Pilgrim and Native American

~ as newly elected
governor he attended
the Pilgrims’ 1621

~ aboard the Mayflower
isolated off Cape Cod,
(written “Cap-Codd”)
in November 1620,
William Bradford
was one of the signers
of the Mayflower
, which
John Adams
referred to as the
foundation of the
United States

  • 1597, orphaned at seven years old in Yorkshire, England
  • 1608, the Separatist church he belongs to in Scrooby, faces persecution by the English government and Church of England, and they migrate to the Netherlands
  • 1620, in Leiden, Holland, his church now harassed, at 30 years old, he sells his house and leaves with some of them to start an English colony in America as Pilgrims, but his wife Dorothy falls from the Mayflower ship and drowns
  • 1621 survived winter unlike half the colonists, and is chosen and remains governor for nearly the rest of his life
  • ~ this stylized William
    pictures his arduous
    journey from Scrooby
    to Plymouth Rock
    for ye glorie of God,
    and advancemente of
    ye Christian faith, and
    honour of our king &

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