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  • Squanto

more Pilgrim and Native American

~ speaking English,
American Indian,
Tisquantum or
Squanto, taught the
Pilgrims how to
plant corn, catch
eels and where to
look for lobster

~ this stylized Squanto
portrait pictures

not only corn , eels,
lobster (and a turkey),
but significant
dates in the life of
including the
shoreline of Spain
and that of Plymouth,
(sometimes “Plimoth”)

  • 1614, kidnapped from his Patuxet
    Native American tribe by English merchants to be sold as a slave in Spain
  • rescued through being “purchased” by friars in Málaga, and at their monastery, taught in the Christian faith
  • stays with the monks’ friend, John Slany and family in London as he waits for a ship
  • 1619, aboard John Smith’s ship, returns to America to discover the Patuxet tribe has been wiped out by epidemics such as smallpox
  • 1621, Samoset from the Wampanoag Native American tribe, aquaints him with the Pilgrims who, in 1620 had settled in Patuxet, now called Plymouth
  • ~ Plymouth Colony
    governor, William
    Tisquantum aiding
    the Pilgrims
    after a harrowing
    first winter, to
    Joseph’s story in the
    book of Genesis

    ~ read part of the
    biography of Squanto
    from “The History
    of Plymouth

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