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“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

~ was this equation,
hand drawn like a
colorful atomic doodle,
derived from the Albert
Einstein brain


~ the art style of
comes from early
20th century
Germany just like
this Nobel prize
winning, Jewish
theoretical physicist

~ this, of all the funny
Albert Einstein
is engrafted
with one highly
popular, practical


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(Although popularly associated with Albert Einstein, this saying is unattributed.)


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2.5"x3.5" Albert
Einstein ACEO card

Albert Einstein ACEO card

9.5"x13" Albert
Einstein Art Print

9.5" x 13" Albert Einstein Art Print

13"x19" Albert
Einstein Super
Size Signed

13" x 19" Albert Einstein Super Size Art Print

9.5"x13" Albert
Einstein Hand
Signed (NLE 6)

- as unframed, giclée, fine art prints of an oil pastel picture of Albert Einstein by Douglas Rickard

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